My experience on the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

I honestly love how it looks. :p

This is a Ducati Scrambler Sixty2. Here’s more info on their website:

I’m defo not the most experienced in riding a lot of bikes but here’s my honest opinion on what I felt about the bike. Then again, I’ve been riding much more dirt bikes than road actually..

Everything I had on the bike was stock and I was riding without ABS the entire time. Oh, except that the boys at Ducati was nice enough to change the tyres for me to a slightly more off-road friendly tyres. I wish I could identify the tyres but, I can’t remember :( perhaps David Lim​  could name the tyres if someone wants to know. :p

I felt that it was a lil hard to manoeuvre in tight single-track trails simply because of the weight (or maybe I’m not strong enough :p ), the size of the body as well as the ground clearance was obviously lower than most dirt bikes.

But, but, then again, this bike is more for road-usage. Though, if it’s on the open trails, it was alright. It’s definitely doable for easy trail (well, maybe in case you’re riding somewhere and you wanted to explore some kampung road :p ).Suspension was actually quite comfy other than I felt I did bottoms up on some occasion when I was riding out from Mat Daling. (My journey throughout from Kampung Page to Mat Daling is approximately 37 km, at least what was recorded on my Suunto)

P.s: I also find it hard to change gears with my dirt-riding boots on! :( I didn’t try it on a road - riding boots, though. It might be easier since dirt shoes are usually fatter

I thought the power was alright for a 400 cc bike. The pickup was quite linear from 0 - 115 mph (approx) and there after the acceleration kinda slowed a lil. I road it maximum on a straight road to 135 kmph. There’s a lot of low end torque on this bike, too, which I really think is a plus point because then you don’t have to constantly switch gears. During the trip, we switched bike and my friend mentioned he could ride it up to 150 kmph. Not sure if that’s the stock mapping or not :p My friend swear the bike has more potential, given it’s specs. *chuckles*

The handling was alright, I suppose (well, I can’t say too much since my experience on other bikes are limited) and I think with right tyres, you can definitely lean a lil bit more in the corners. I think I clocked - in about 100 km - ish on road. We loaded the bike halfway into my friend’s truck later.

I like riding it on the road better, obviously, since it is designed more for road - usage, but it can DEFINITELY handle a lil bit of a beating in open trails. *wink* I hope my lil insight has been helpful for you guys out there. :)

The LED light! I love the circular LED light the most! That was what caught my attention, first. And it has 3 settings - low, medium and high. Not to mention, it’s a glass case!

Working for a better future

My cousin and myself when we were lil munchkins. :p 

Well, time certainly flies. I've graduated from university and am facing a different phase in life, now. The cliché statement that many people say about time is certainly true here. Life is moving too fast, too fast for me to be comfortable right now. Looking back at things, I can definitely say that I've matured much more than I was 4 years ago in every aspect of life, which is a good thing, perhaps for a better me, a better future.

There are some days when emotions and feelings blurs the boundary of what's right and wrong. And as a consequence, my pragmatic self tells me that I've made the wrong choice and that my actions are wrong. That's when conscience comes in and tell me that it's time to apologize.... I think for me, it's hard sometimes and my emotions and logic will always, constantly try to override each other. Battling each other at some point in time but I know for sure that the practical side of me will surface one day and slap the reality out of me.

But anyway, I've recently gotten back my habit of writing but this time it's more about writing my thoughts and feelings out.... I've been writing them in my little "book of thoughts" ( some, which I am not comfortable for public viewing), especially when I feel sad or down. For me, sometime it helps me to allow my thoughts to flow and to stop myself from feeling terrible about things that has already happened; things that go against my morality and how I should present myself and treat others.

Since most of that I've managed to solve and satisfy, I'm now faced with a bigger obstacle in life. Securing my future (or at least working towards my ideal life; my career, necessity, goals, and wants in life).  For the past few days, I've been deep in thoughts, weighing the pros and cons of the decision that I'm about to make since whatever decision I make can give a different outcome... It's definitely never easy but I'm working with baby steps at a time and trying to tailor myself to ultimately land in a place for a better quality of life.

Well, I also want to say that at some point in time we all feel insecure, because we are unsure of the future that lies ahead. There's no clear path and consequently that leads to all of our strange unexplained and unjustifiable feelings. We might think that this strange mixed feeling of unknown is perhaps due to the fact that we just fall out of our relationship, or perhaps we fear of being alone, the job we are having right now sucks, how can I earn enough to sustain myself of my wants and need? It maybe a multitude of things but let me tell you this that we are certainly not alone.

My peers, my close friends are also experiencing this 'strange feeling' and well, I thought that it was only me, that I'm the only one feeling this because I don't have a job or etc. But the truth is that, we will all feel it, maybe not now but later we will. Both my friends already have what they needed - education, job, stable relationship, etc. I thought it was already pretty much perfect - but they feel the same as I do as well. So I came with the conclusion that it's a normal feeling to have at some point in time because of the uncertainties of what lies ahead in the future. 

Sometimes, all you need is a friend to talk to. Or perhaps some me-time to unwind your feelings, or a temporary relief from the crazy hustle and bustle in life (but don't forget to come back to reality and face those seemingly monster problems you have). Just remember that God will always give you problems that you can solve so that you can be a stronger person. Oh, that, I should give credits to my good friend Jeremy, who quoted it. It may seem terrible in the moment but trust me, no matter which stage of life you are at or in what point in life, there will always be problems that you think you cannot solve. I may not have been at points where I have no job and no money (I've had friends that talked to me about this in the past and it's definitely not fun) but I've definitely heard enough and seen enough in life to know that it's temporary..... For me, I'll have my faith in God and trust that He will provide and give me all that I need in life...

We're in this together,

My First Full Marathon!

Well, I do have a little something to note before I continue. I just wanted to say that I have participated in a work and travel program (WAT) to America and have decided that I should complete my first virgin marathon over in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I was having my 3rd year’s final exam when I decided to register and participate in this event. It was a perfect opportunity as I have 3 months before the marathon and also, I have been wanting to fulfill this resolution of mine since the year 2014. 

Race course map. More information with GPS mapping 
can be found here

Well, I followed this plan that was forwarded to me by my friend Ashley since she knows that I have own a basic Polar heart rate monitor [Target Oriented Runner 12-Weeks Training Plan]. This plan was designed to be completed in 12 weeks and overall I think the program has worked very well (for me at least) because when I was running the full marathon (FM), I was expecting myself to hit the wall at kilometer 30 or so and not having enough fuel to fuel my run and etc. Also, my expectation of finishing it in 6 hours was well, it didn’t quite go as planned because it was shorter than expected. :D

JH Marathon Pack with my important sidekicks, 
especially my Virtual Buddy there (Garmin Edge 200)

The sky was pouring when I was about to head out to the starting line and I was dreading because it was so awfully cold when it rains (Jackson Hole is located about 6000+ feet above sea level) and I decided to wear my dad’s 20 year old leather glove to keep my hands from getting cold; I do get cold at my extremities a lot so, I would suffer without my gloves. So, as my warm-up before the run (just because I don’t really have another mode of transport), I decided to cycle to the starting point (which took me about 10 minutes); located a little off Town Square. 

Running in the rain feels good, sometimes. :)

Well thankfully when we started running, the rain subsided a little but it was still cold and wet. The route was fairly flat throughout and yes, there were some elevation but not much. I do remember some elevation when we were at mile 7 or so but it wasn’t too bad as I didn’t quite stop to walk but I ran slower.

Supporters and volunteers were placed throughout the route to cheer
for the marathoners. They placed more especially few miles before
the finishing line, which was a really good thing.

What I do appreciate very much in this race route was that at every 2 mile there were water stations (water and Powerade provided, Powerade is similar to Gatorade) and there were also candies (chocolates, sweets, etc) provided. At some point, I felt that the hunger pangs were coming in so I grabbed 2 candies and ate it on the go.

The failed video that he tried to capture when he was behind me running. :p

At mile 8th , I was looking for Mateusz because he mentioned that he will be rooting for me but I couldn’t see him anywhere at the water station until I turned my back and I saw him on his Mongoose bicycle. There he was trying to cycle and film me at the same time while trying to keep his balance and not fall. He signaled his hands and asked me to keep going and I continued on running but inside, I felt really thankful, happy and thrilled that although I’m so far away from home but, someone was willing to root and cheer for me. It really did give me an extra boost.

Aha..! this is better :P 

After the 8th mile, we turned to the right into what looked like some barn-ish kind of housing area. At some point, Mateusz ran with me for about 100 m while filming me, again and this time he passed me a bottle of water with the label “CrazyWomanWater” on it [link]. I laughed and held on that bottle of water throughout the marathon as it gave me a sorta motivation; it kept my spirits high whenever I look at that bottle.

Yeah..! I feel good! :)

After several miles, I recognize that we’re entering highway 22, to Teton Village route. A route that I was pretty familiar with as I have cycled on that same path to Teton Village a couple of times already. As we entered the highway, there was a slight elevation before it goes downhill and flat again. I felt good, so far although I have already hit the half way mark but I was still nervous as everything seemed too perfect to be true. I guess I’m paranoid that everything is going as planned. I didn’t have too high hopes for myself and I remembered many of my fellow runner friends mentioned about hitting the wall if there wasn’t enough mileage clocked-in. Not to mentioned I only started training consistently like 3 months ago; its like as if I’m cramming my half year university course into a 2 months before exam kind of thing.

Gels. The one on the right was the one that was distributed throughout the marathon.
There was a variety of flavours and I personally liked the chocolate flavour with caffeine.

Also, I really liked the fact that they provided more gels after the half-way mark. The water station was also slightly bigger with more water and Powerade than compared to the first half. I kept running and as I hit kilometer 30, I still felt good and I knew that  I was going to make it and finish as a Sub-5 finisher. I monitored my heart rate and looked at my pace and tried to maintain it at 6:50 – 7:00 minutes per km (11:20 min/mile) and then before I know it, I’m about to pass the 9th water station.

(sorry for the blurry picture)
This is where the volunteers asked if we needed anything. I personally liked
this very much because at this point in time, it's usually where people need help most. 

One of the volunteers asked if I needed anything and I said: “no, I’m good. Thank you!” and I kept on running until I heard a voice calling out my name: “Cleo! Cleo!” I turned and I saw Mateusz filming, again and then in a split second I also saw Matt. I was surprised; as I didn’t expect to see him there since they mentioned the day before that they were going to meet me at the finish line. I smiled from ear to ear, again and that just made me run a little faster but I tried to keep to my pace so that I don’t go over my limits. (Remember that I’m a paranoid person)

Done and dusted!!! :)
(Video Below)

Finishing my run! YEAHH!! Thank you for filming this Mateusz! 
Thanks Matt for supporting me throughout, too! :)
Thanks Ivanka for being at the finishing line ;)

Well, the route after was pretty flat and I realize some of them actually have a very slight descend at some point that aid in my run and made it easier. I was glad there weren’t much crosswinds or any stuff of that sort, though. And so, I just continued on my 6:50 – 7:00 minutes per km pace and finished it in slightly less than an 5 hours. I was over the moon when I hit the finishing line and amazingly, I could, still walk. :p I felt good but of course my legs felt tired but there wasn’t anything bad I predicted that happened. 

Food Pack that was given and the medal on the bottom right of the picture.

Of course, it didn’t just ended like that after the run. I went for a free 10 minutes leg massage (oh, trust me it felt so so good) that was complimentary, provided by some volunteers (they were professional masseurs and have their own business). I had my medal and my food pack that was packed neatly in a little tote box filled with healthy stuff inside. I have just one little thing that I’m not quite satisfied, though. I wished they would produce medals for half marathon finisher and full marathon finishers instead of putting both distance on the medal. I mean, all races I’ve participated (well at least the ones I have back home in Malaysia) have 10k, 21k and FM finisher medals so why not this as well?

I wish Matt was in this picture, too! :(
(left to right): Ivanka, Mateusz and Me.

Anyway, all’s well and before we all went home, we had a little munch time at Wendy’s.  The boys needed to rest, Ivanka has work and I, on the other hand will be visiting the National Museum of Wildlife Art in an hour’s time. (I’m really glad I could still walk around the museum after the run)  

Cheers to more international events ahead,